“We act goal oriented: for the benefit of our customers, our team and of course the company. A healthy mix ensures the long-term successful and innovative interaction of all participants. That we are on the right track now shows almost 20 successful and expansive years. Be part of this successful mixture, as a business partner or as part of our team. We have a “secure feeling” of being able to move a lot together. 

I look forward to meeting you!”

Best regards, Christian Woelke

All-inclusive package for your hardware

In addition to project management, the focal points include the rollout of computer systems and optional training of the branch team, as well as the maintenance and repair of hardware modules over their lifecycle. The hardware service applies to all established IT products: cash register systems, EFT terminals, server / client systems, branch networks, VPN connection, information terminals, VoIP and multimedia components. If required, the service includes the procurement of replacement systems and parts, the replacement or repair of defective equipment on site, as well as preventative measures to secure the runtime of the hardware products. The service packages with 4, 8, 24 or 48 hours on-site service have a modular structure and can be combined to form an individual overall solution.

Founded in 1998, POS Service GmbH, headquartered in Warstein-Belecke and operational headquarter in Hagen, offers retailers solutions and service packages for the installation and maintenance of nationwide branch networks. According to customer specifications, POS Service also manages the storage of the equipment pool in its own warehouse and takes care of the comprehensive logistics of the products. For many customers, warehousing, inventory management and scheduling, including incoming goods inspection, as well as the logistics and also the repair or recycling of the old systems, are handled completely.

Including the international cooperation partners, the company provides its customers with a service network with around 450 technicians. POS Service provides support for more than 16,000 branches of the medium-sized and large chain stores with more than 36,000 POS workstations.

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